40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate and Counseling Training Introduction

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Shepherd’s Door Domestic Violence Resource and Educational Center is dedicated to helping victims and survivors of domestic violence, as well as their families, who have suffered an emotional injury as a result of a crime. Shepherd’s Door staff and volunteer case management team work closely with victims, advocates and mental health providers to ensure that victims of domestic violence are aware and can take advantage of community services available to them for healing and support.

We are proud to serve our community

We have successfully trained organization staff, interns and volunteers

  • Door of Hope

  • Elizabeth House

  • Mental Health of America

  • Department of Social Service Workers

  • Substance Abuse Counselors

  • Women's and Children Crisis Center

  • Pasadena City College

Training Outline

  • 01

    Introduction to Training

    • Before you begin

    • 40-Hour Domestic Violence Advocate and Counseling Training

  • 02

    Module 1 | History of Domestic Violence

    • History of Domestic Violence Presentation

    • Module's 1 Videos

    • M1 Important Stages of the Battered Women’s Movement in the United States

  • 03

    Module 2 | Overview and Dynamics

    • Overview and Dynamics Presentation

    • Module's 2 Videos

    • Audio Clip of 911 Call

    • M2-1 Truths and Societal Attitudes

    • M2-2 4 Types of Abuse Handout

    • M2-3 Animal Abuse

    • M2-4 Domestic Violence Facts

    • M2-5 Health Consequences

    • M2-6 D.V. Facts California

    • M2-7 Red Flags for Abusive Relationships

    • M2-8 Cycle of Violence • 4 Stages

    • M2-9 Equality Wheel

    • M2-10 Abuse of Children Wheel

    • M2-11 Nurturing Children Wheel

    • M2-12 Power and Control Wheel

    • M2-13 Continuum of Family Violence

    • M2-14 Dilemmas in Leaving an Abusive Relationship

    • M2-15 Shame Resilience Worksheet Quiz

  • 04

    Module 3 | Direct Service Issues

    • Direct Client Services Presentation

    • Counseling Domestic Abuse Victims

    • M3-1 Guiding Principles for Counseling Survivors of Domestic Violence

    • M3-2 Empowerment Wheel

    • M3-3 What is Crisis Intervention?

    • M3-4 A Guide to Working With Women in Crisis

    • M3-5 Check Yourself: A peer counselor’s guide to self-awareness

    • M3-6 Common Domestic Violence Terms

    • M3-7 Goals of Peer Counseling

    • M3-8 Empathetic Response Leads

    • M3-9 SOLER • Attentive Listening Skills

    • M3-10 Non-verbal Communication: Typical Gestures and Interpretations

    • M3-11 Active Listening Exercises

    • M3-12 Active Listening Techniques

    • M3-13 What is Crisis Intervention?

    • Assessing a client experiencing domestic abuse

  • 05

    Module 4 | Safety and Assessment

    • Assessment, Screening & Safety Planning Presentation

    • Additional Information

    • M4-1 Danger Assessment

    • M4-2 The Facts on Guns and Domestic Violence

    • M4-3 Suicide • Facts at a Glance

    • M4-4 PLAID PALS

    • M4-5 Suicide Prevention: Spotting The Signs and Helping a Suicidal Person

    • M4-6 Safety Plan for a Friend, Relative, or Co-Worker Who Is Being Abused by an Intimate Partner

    • M4-7 Domestic Violence Personalized Safety Plan

    • M4-8 My Safety Plan at Work

    • M4-9 Items to Take Checklist

    • M4-10 Safety Tips for Victims of Domestic Violence

    • M-4-11 Domestic Violence: Safety Tips For You and Your Family

    • M4-12 What You Need to Tell Your Client

    • How To Make A Domestic Violence Safety Plan

  • 06

    Module 5 | The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children and Youth

    • The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children and Youth

    • Module's 5 Videos

    • M5-1 The Facts on Children and Domestic Violence

    • M5-2 Nurturing Children Wheel

    • M5-3 Child Abuse Wheel

    • M5-4 The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

    • M5-5 Attachment Explained

    • M5-6 A Child’s Own Safety Plan

    • M5-7 What to Take Activity

  • 07

    Module 6 | Teen Dating Abuse

    • Teen Dating Abuse Presentation

    • Teen Dating Violence Video

    • M6-1 The Facts on Tweens and Teens and Dating Violence

    • M6-2 The Connection Between Dating Violence and Unhealthy Behaviors

    • M6-3 Truths and Societal Attitudes Handout

    • M6-4 21 Warning Signs

    • M6-5 Equality Wheel for Teens

    • M6-6 Teen Power and Control Wheel

    • M6-7 Personalized Safety Plan for Teens

    • M6-8 Truths and Societal Attitudes

    • M6-9 Understanding Equality

    • M6-10 Understanding Power and Control Activity

  • 08

    Module 7 | Cultural Responsiveness

    • Cultural Responsiveness Presentation

    • Module's 7 Video

    • M7-1 Culture: What It Is, Who Owns It, Claims It, Changes It

    • M7-2 Misconceptions & Realities about Domestic Violence in LGBT Relationships

    • M7-3 Misconceptions & Realities about Survivors of Domestic Violence

    • M7-4 White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack

  • 09

    Module 8 | Working with Populations with Complex/Unique Issues

    • 1 - Working with Populations with Complex/Unique Issues Presentation

    • Module's 8 Videos

    • 2 - Working with Populations with Complex/Unique Issues Presentations

    • M8-1 Elder Abuse Prevalence and Incidence

    • M8-2 Abuse in Later Life Wheel

    • M8-3 Elder Abuse: Safety Tips

    • M8-4 The Facts on Immigrant Women and Domestic Violence

    • M8-5 Immigrant Power and Control Wheel

    • M8-6 Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence

    • Pastor's Word

    • Executive Director's of Immigration Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley Word - Part 1

    • Executive Director's of Immigration Resource Center of San Gabriel Valley Word - Part 2

  • 10

    Module 9 | Legal Issues and Restraining Orders

    • Legal Issues and Restraining Orders Presentation

    • M9-1 Enforcing a Restraining Order

    • M9-2 Renewing a Restraining Order

    • M9-3 Getting a Restraining Order

    • M9-4 DV-100 Form

    • M9-5 California Codes | Title 17

    • M9-6 Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault & Work

    • M9-7 Renewing a Restraining Order

    • Domestic Violence Counselor's Word

    • Family Law Attorney's Word

    • Pasadena Police Detective's Word

  • 11

    Module 10 | Employment Protections for Survivors of Violence

    • Employment Protections for Survivors of Violence Presentation

    • Toolkit for Employment Rights in California

  • 12

    Module 11 | Confidentiality and Privilege

    • M11-1 Evidence Code: Section 1037-1037.8

  • 13

    Final Quiz

    • Quiz Questions


What our participants say about the training

“Shepherd’s Door has been a refugee for me and my child. When I was referred to Shepherd’s Door I had hit rock bottom in my life. I felt like there was no reason to live anymore. I thought I would never get out of this abusive relationship after 13 years and 2 children. I received several services from Shepherd’s Door while in the program. Counseling that truly helps me find myself again and understand why I even allowed someone to abuse me. The relationship education classes were awesome! I learn how to set boundaries in relationships, how to communicate effectively, signs of an abuser, and what a good relationship is. How I am supposed to be treated by my partner. The financial empowerment sessions were dynamic I open my first bank account! I never had a bank account before. The class thought me so much about how to manage my finances and become financially independent. They supplied me with legal advocacy and emergency shelter for a day. I am now a survivor of domestic violence for 1 year and beginning to see myself as a better person. The case managers help me get into a transitional housing program and continue to stay in touch with me to see how I am doing. I love the people involved with Shepherd’s Door they are genuine. Thank you for all you do to help victims of domestic violence gain their independence, self-esteem, and to love themselves.”

Truly an Overcomer

“The domestic violence training course as excellent! Throughout the course, we learned important tools we can now use to advocate and support domestic violence victims and survivors. Linda is an excellent trainer of domestic violence and has a lot of experience working with this population. I now have a better understanding of victims of domestic violence and how it affects the children and family. I feel empowered now and ready to do my part in breaking the cycle of domestic violence.”

Thank you Shepherd's Door!

“The world is better because of you!!! I came to Shepherd Door when I was at my lowest. I had suppressed so much anger for what a pastor at the church where I was attending did in the privacy in his church office decades ago. A pain that hurt far too much for me to deal with at the time that the abuse had taken place. I kept it all hidden down deep within until I got sick of myself pretending and acting like everything was alright while knowing deeply that everything wasn’t and that I needed to really get some real Help to deal with my responsibility in the whole matter. I began to do research to find a safe place for My Soul to bring authentic and permanent Closure to a very sensitive part of my past that I needed to make peace with. From the moment that I step foot on the property and entered the doors at Shepherds Door, I realized that this was the place where I could let down my guards and proceed in the healing process of moving forward in the release of me coming out with wonderful wings to fly. Thank you very much for making me take better care of Loving me more. God bless you much Ms. Linda and keep on doing marvelous work for those who are considered left behind. Victory Over All Darkness, non-violence, world peace.”

Thank you Shepherd’s Door!

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